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Management degrees teach you the skills you need to delegate tasks and oversee production in a wide range of industries. They train students to face the real-world challenges of the workplace with confidence, imparting knowledge on a wide range of management strategies that have proven to be effective in business.

Types of Management Degrees

Management degrees are classified in terms of the specific industry they service. Business management degrees, for example, focus on financial and personnel management in a corporate setting. Network management degrees and systems management degrees are pursued by aspiring computer professionals. Human resources management diploma programs are also very popular at community colleges and lead to stable and rewarding careers.

Facilities management degrees train students in the safe care of technical facilities, which is a task that requires specialized knowledge. United States labor laws have very specific codes that dictate how industrial facilities must be maintained, particularly if potentially dangerous or toxic chemicals are involved. In-class and online facilities management degrees from accredited institutions provide the training you need to help companies comply with federal and state safety regulations.

Undergraduate or Graduate?

Some management degrees, like the MBA designation, are only available at the graduate level. If you want an advanced business management degree, you'll have to earn your bachelor's degree first — preferably in a business- or economics-related field. Admission to graduate business schools can be highly competitive and require you to write the GMAT standardized test.

Network management degrees and systems management degrees can be classified as subtypes of information technology degrees. IT studies can be diploma programs, associate's degree programs, or bachelor or master's degree programs — basically, no matter what your current level of education, you can pursue these designations if you have the aptitude and qualifications.

Management degrees help you build towards practical careers in a wide range of exciting fields. If you have strong organizational skills, work well with people and thrive in structured environments, then pursuing a career in management might be the best decision you ever make.

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